What does the public health department do?


Local health departments help prevent the start and spread of outbreaks and disease. We:

· Keep food and physical environments safe. Restaurant food we eat, hotels we visit and daycares where our children play are all safer thanks to local health departments. We also minimize health hazards such as lead and water pollution.

· Help prevent the occurrence and spread of disease. Local health departments work with healthcare and community partners to prevent and target the cause of disease outbreaks, and then determine the appropriate response.

· Prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies. Local health departments work with emergency management and other local officials to plan for and respond to natural disasters, novel disease outbreaks, and bioterrorism threats that can dramatically impact health.



Local health departments promote healthy communities. We assure a healthcare safety net and champion proven practices to foster better health for everyone. We know prevention works and access to health services cuts costs for everyone. We:

· Promote better health throughout the lifespan. We help young people stay well and develop into healthy adults. We offer education and services to help reduce chronic illness and complications. A healthy community leads to a more productive workforce, reduced healthcare costs, and a better quality of life.

· Provide screening and education on the following: Blood Pressure Testing with education on hypertension prevention and management; Blood Glucose and A1C Testing with education on diabetes prevention and management; Cholesterol Testing with education on Hypercholesterolemia prevention and management; Weight testing for those patients that wish to track their weight but may not have a scale at home; B12 shots for those who have their own prescription; Fall Risk Screenings using the CDC Steadi Program. The Public Health Nursing Services are working on expanding programs which will be announced soon.



Local health departments protect community health and economic vitality through public health policy and community partnerships. We:

· Uphold policies we know improve our community’s health. Regulating the sale of tobacco and nicotine delivery systems and smoke-free places are examples of policies that have a major impact on the health of our children and neighbors. A healthy community has greater potential for positive economic growth.

· Continuously assess needs and improve capacity to promote better health. Whether assessing community health, implementing quality improvement efforts, or pursuing accreditation, local health departments maximize opportunities to improve public health practice and the public’s health.

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