Volunteer Advisory Subcommittee


Meeting dates and locations are as posted.


  • Maureen Doherty, Select Board Member
  • Brendan Roche, Select Board Member

The Mansfield Select Board hereby implements the following process related to the Select Board consideration of and appointment to the various Boards, Committees, and Commissions (BCC) of the Town of Mansfield for which the Select Board has responsibility to appoint:

The process will be as follows:

1.    The Select Board Chair shall appoint two-members of the Select Board to serve on the Volunteer Advisory Sub-Committee (VASC) at the time that the annual Select Board committee and liaison assignments are established. 

2.    Each year, applications for potential new Board, Committee and Commission (BCC) members will be solicited and received. BCC incumbents will be invited to reapply to serve on a Board, Committee, Commission and will complete an application if they wish to be considered for reappointment.

3.    The VASC shall schedule meetings during the fall of each year to interview all potential BCC members, including incumbents. These interviews will be conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law and will be recorded by Mansfield Cable Access and posted to the Cable Access website, where they are accessible to all members of the Select Board, the BCC candidates, or the general public. This process will be used for the “annual” appointment process, as well as any appointments that come up during the year. The Chairperson or their designee for each BCC, along with a representative from the applicable Town Hall Department (as determined by the Town Manager) shall participate in the interviews. 

4.    The VASC will recommend its candidates for each BCC to the entire Select Board, along with a list of all the candidates who had applied for each BCC. A copy of the application form and/or resume for all candidates will also be provided to the entire Select Board.

5.    For the annual appointment process, the VASC will present the recommended slate of candidates to the Select Board by no later than December 15.

6.    The Select Board will conduct a separate vote on the recommended candidate(s) for each BCC. Each Select Board member is free to vote for or against the recommended candidate for each BCC. 

7.    Once the Select Board votes are made, each candidate for a BCC will receive a letter from the Town of Mansfield congratulating them on their selection (along with further instructions) or thanking them for applying (for those not selected).