According to Mass. General Law Part I, Title XX, Chapter 140, Section 32 A, motels and hotels must be licensed by the local Boards of Health.

All Health Department Permits are processed through an online platform located here:

All permit applications must be submitted via this platform. Paper applications are no longer accepted. New users must register first by using the link on the website above or by going directly to:

If you don't have regular access to a computer, an online permit station has been established in Town Hall on the first floor.

A guide to Permit Eyes for the Health Department is available here: Mansfield Health Department Online Permitting Guide

If you have any technical questions or issues, you can contact

For non-technical questions, you can contact

Permit Fee: Motel/Hotel $50, Inspection Fee $200 for 0-50 units, and $300 for 51 or more units