Food Establishments- Plan Review

Food Establishments are regulated by the State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 590.000 Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments and the FDA Federal Food Code 2013 along with the Mansfield Board of Health Food Protection Regulations.  An annotated merged food code can be found here.

According to 8-201.11 When Plans are Required: A PERMIT applicant or PERMIT HOLDER shall submit to the REGULATORY AUTHORITY properly prepared plans and specifications for review and approval before:

  1. The construction of a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT; Pf
  2. The conversion of an existing structure for use as a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT; Pf or
  3. The remodeling of a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT or a change of type of FOOD ESTABLISHMENT or FOOD operation as specified under ¶ 8-302.14(C) if the REGULATORY AUTHORITY determines that plans and specifications are necessary to ensure compliance with this Code. Pf

Permit Applications

All Health Department Permits are processed through an online platform located here:

All permit applications must be submitted via this platform. Paper applications are no longer accepted. New users must register first by using the link on the website above or by going directly to:

If you don't have regular access to a computer, an online permit station has been established in Town Hall on the first floor.

A guide to Permit Eyes for the Health Department is available here: Mansfield Health Department Online Permitting Guide

If you have any technical questions or issues, you can contact

For non-technical questions, you can contact

Required Information for the Permit Process

As noted on the Application found on PermitEyes- 

  1. Legible plans at minimum of 11 x 14 inches in size drawn to scale (scale - ¼ inch = 1 foot)
  2. Proposed menu, seating capacity, and projected daily meal volume for the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT.
  3. Provisions for adequate rapid cooling, including ice baths and refrigeration, and for hot and cold-holding of TIME/TEMPERATURE CONTROL for SAFETY (TCS) FOOD.
  4. Location of all FOOD EQUIPMENT. Each piece of EQUIPMENT must be clearly labeled, marked, or identified. Provide EQUIPMENT schedule that identifies the make and model numbers and listing of EQUIPMENT that is certified or classified for sanitation by an ANSI accredited certification program (when applicable). Elevation drawings may be requested by the REGULATORY AUTHORITY.
  5. Location of all required sinks: HANDWASHING SINKS, WAREWASHING sinks, Utility Sink and FOOD preparation sinks (if required).
  6. Auxiliary areas such as storage rooms, garbage rooms, toilets, cleaning area with mop sink, basements and/or cellars used for storage or FOOD preparation.
  7. Entrances, exits, loading/unloading areas and delivery docks.
  8. Complete finish schedules for each room including floors, walls, ceilings and coved juncture bases.
  9. Plumbing schedule including location of floor drains, floor sinks, water supply lines, overhead waste-water lines, hot water generating EQUIPMENT with capacity and recovery rate, backflow prevention, and wastewater line connections.
  10. Location and strength of lighting fixtures.
  11. Source of water and method of SEWAGE disposal.
  12. A color coded flow chart demonstrating flow patterns for:
    • FOOD (receiving, storage, preparation, service);
    • UTENSILS (clean, soiled, cleaning, storage); and
    • REFUSE (service area, holding, storage, and disposal).
  13. Storage of Employee Personal Items.
  14. Ventilation.