250th Anniversary (Sestercentennial) Celebration Committee

This Celebration Committee will be formed to organize and plan a diverse program of events and activities to celebrate the Town of Mansfield’s 250th anniversary of becoming a town, which occurred on August 23, 1775. 

Members and Term

The Celebration Committee is an ad hoc committee, consisting of the following fifteen (15) voting members:

  • Kevin Dumas, Town Manager
  • Teresa Murphy, Superintendent of Mansfield Public Schools
  • Lou Andrews, Representative from the Historical Commission;
  • Elvire Stanislous, Representative from the Mansfield Local Cultural Council;
  • Robert MacDonald, Representative from Mansfield Public Schools appointed by the Superintendent
  • Linda McCabe, Representative from the Parks and Recreation Commission;
  • Caitlin Barrows, Representative from the Downtown Business Association;
  • Kevin McKnatt Representative from the Historical Society; and
  • Catherine Coyne, Mansfield Residents Mansfield Resident at Large
  • Matthew Cook, Mansfield Resident at Large
  • Susan Feely, Mansfield Resident at Large
  • Nicole Burch, Mansfield Resident at Large
  • Eileen Cusack, Mansfield Resident at Large
  • Robin O'Brien, Mansfield Resident at Large
  • 1 Vacancy for Mansfield Resident at Large

The Committee will dissolve on December 31, 2025. 

Objectives and Programs

The Committee shall plan a rich program of events, activities and information that celebrate the Town of Mansfield and which respond to the interests of the entire community. These events and activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing an actual celebration date of Saturday, August 23, 2025;
  • Gala, carnival, parade, concert and/or fireworks; 
  • Public art installation, time capsule, monument, tree or other commemorative gesture;
  • Commissioning or endorsing poetry, theater, essays, musical composition; and/or
  • Tours, races, exhibitions or speaker series.

The Committee will need to plan and implement fund raising activities and create a master calendar and communication strategy to share information about the programs, fundraisers and activities of the Committee.  The Committee should also work with various groups and organizations and entities in the development and implementation of the program and encourage other groups to host and plan events and activities and assist in the promotion of them as part of the overall celebration.  The Committee may consider establishing sub-committees to work of specific events, for example one member focuses on a golf event fundraiser and invites guests and members of the public with expertise to help with the planning of that specific event.  

The Committee shall work closely with the Town Manager’s Office, Public Safety, Veteran’s Officer and other Town Department Staff to help ensure coordination of all aspects of events and activities of the celebration.