Firearms Permits

Out of an abundance of caution, we are postponing LTC appointments for approximately one month (subject the change) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

- LTC Renewals - While we will wait to have you come in for your picture and fingerprints, the renewal process can be initiated without personal contact. We will accept renewal applications by email at or by US Mail to the station. Remember, any renewal application submitted PRIOR to the expiration of the current license will afford the license holder an INDEFINITE grace period with the expired LTC). Renewal applicants who emailed applications can bring their payment when the appointment is eventually scheduled.

- New Applicants - Please hold your application and continue to check-in at our website or social media @MansfieldMAPD for the latest updates. We need to take your fingerprints for the background check portion of the licensing process and unfortunately, that requires the close personal contact we hope to avoid.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call with questions. We will work with you if your situation is unique. Leave a message by dialing 508-261-7300 and press extension 4 as soon as the auto-attendant picks up! A download of the application can be found HERE.

The process for obtaining an FID or LTC can be confusing! Follow these steps if you're interested in applying.  Printed applications can be found at the MPD front desk. If you would like to print your own form, find the appropriate one below and download from the link provided. Then, submit the following at MPD in an envelope to the attention of Erika Baburins:

-the completed application,

-a copy of the certificate from an approved firearms safety course,

- a $100 check made payable to the "Town of Mansfield."

(You do not need a certificate for a renewal).

Once you have submitted your application packet, go to OUR SCHEDULING SITE (click here) and chose a date and time that works for you to come in and get your picture and fingerprints taken. After that, your application will be approved/denied by the Chief and sent to the Commonwealth for processing.

Questions? All inquiries should be directed to Mansfield Firearms email or call 508-851-6590. 

Currently, you can expect a wait time of approximately four months between the time when you drop off your application and you receive your new card. For renewals, we advise that you drop off your application 1-2 months prior to the expiration of your current LTC.

Firearms Forms and Applications

Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal Deletion Form  pdf format of Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal Deletion Form

Use this form to correct inaccurate information included on a submitted transaction through the Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal.

Change of Address Notification pdf format of Change of Address Notification

Use this form to notify the Firearms Record Bureau that your address has changed.

Firearms Identification (FID) Card or License to Carry Firearms (LTC) Application  pdf format of Firearms Identification (FID) Card or License to Carry

Massachusetts Residents should use this form to apply for or renew a LTC or FID card at their local police department.

Non-Resident LTC Application  pdf format of Non-Resident LTC Application

Out-of-state residents should use this form to apply for or renew a Non-resident Temporary LTC

Resident Alien Permit Application  pdf format of Resident Alien Permit Application

Non-citizen residents of Massachusetts should use this form to apply for a Resident Alien Permit to Possess a Rifle or Shotgun

Firearms Licensing Review Board Petition pdf format of FLRB 20130912

Individuals otherwise disqualified from processing a FID or LTC because of certain misdemeanor conviction(s) may petition the FLRB for review.

Request for Personal Search pdf format of Request for Personal Search

Use this form to request a copy of your firearms license history or a list of gun transactions where you are listed as a transferee.