Financial Updates

In our continued efforts to outreach to our residents with the most up-to-date revised FY2021 budget information, the Town Manager presents the following information for your review.

Revised FY2021 Budget June 10, 2020

The following documents are a Summary and Breakdown by Department of the FY2021 budget.

FY2021 Budget Summary

FY2021 Budget Breakdown by Department

June 10, 2020: Town Manager’s Budget Presentation

  1. FY2021 as of January, 2020
  2. Current Fiscal Year Budgets
  3. Audit & Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
  4. Fiscal Year 2020 Budget As Voted
Tab Table of Contents - Original
1. Town Manager’s Message (PDF)
2. General Fund Revenue Summary

Part 1 (PDF)
Part 2 (PDF)

3. General Fund Revenue Detail (PDF)
4. General Fund Expenditure Budget Summary (PDF)
5. General Fund Expenditure Budget Detail (PDF)
6. a. Sewer Enterprise Fund Revenue Detail (PDF)
7. a. Water Enterprise Fund Revenue Detail (PDF)
8. a. Airport Enterprise Fund Revenue Detail (PDF)
9. a. Parking Enterprise Fund Revenue Detail (PDF)
10. Capital Improvement Plan Requests
11. TBA (PDF)
12. TBA (PDF)
13. a. FY20 Cherry Sheet Revenues Budget Comparison and Tax Levy Info
14. a. 5-Year Plan Scenario with Conservative Assumptions Overview (PDF)
d. 5-Year Plan Assumptions Explanations
15 Financial Policies Compliance Worksheet (PDF)