Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is performed bi-annually in both Spring and Fall, as well as on an as needed basis in the Downtown area; this is typically every 2 – 3 weeks.

Spring Street Sweeping

Spring Street Sweeping typically begins during the beginning to middle of April, weather permitting.  This process can take about 2 months.

The Division’s sweeping operation begins in the Downtown area, where the trash/liter is most prevalent.  From this point the Division alternates yearly between the East side and West side of Town.  In 2019, the Division will start on the East side of Town.  Street sweeping may include sidewalk sweeping where applicable.  This is done on an as needed basis, as some sidewalks are not adjacent to the curb line and therefore need less frequent sweeping.  When sidewalks are in need of sweeping, as additional sidewalk broom machine and 2 crew members with back pack blowers may be utilized, bringing the sweeping crew to a total of 6.

Fall Street Sweeping

Fall Street Sweeping is typically done in October/November and is somewhat driven by leaves falling off of the trees.  The Fall sweeping operation may consist of 1 or 2 sweepers and a truck.  Because of this, the process may move much slower than the Spring operation.  Sidewalks are not done with Fall sweeping.

Street Sweeper (JPG)