Housing Authority


  • 1st Wednesday of every month
  • Location alternates between the following locations:
    • 22 Bicentennial Court
      Mansfield, MA 02048
    • 15 Park Street
      Mansfield, MA 02048
    • D-3 Cedar Court
      Mansfield, MA 02048

Additional Meeting Information

If the first Wednesday of the month falls on a holiday, the meeting would be held on the following Wednesday. Please visit our website.  

Board Members

Additional Member Information

There shall be a Housing Authority consisting of five members serving five year overlapping terms such that the term of office of one member expires each year. Four of these members shall be elected by the voters of the Town, and the fifth member shall be a resident of the Town appointed in accordance with the General Laws. If on the same ballot there are two or more seats vacant with varying terms of office, the longest terms of office shall accrue to the candidates receiving the highest number of votes, in succession.

A vacancy in one of the elected seats shall be filled until the next annual election by a majority vote of a joint meeting of the remainder of the Housing Authority and Select Board. At the next Annual Municipal Election the remainder of the unexpired term shall be filled by election.

The Housing Authority, shall exercise all the powers and duties of Housing Authorities under the General Laws.

Housing Applications

Housing Applications can be obtained online, by sending a self addressed stamped enveloped with $0.71 postage to the following address and are also available at the following locations:

  • Housing Authority’s Office
    22 Bicentennial Court
  • Town Hall
    6 Park Row
  • Library and Council on Aging
    255 Hope Street

Housing Application Documents