Smoke Detector Inspections

Starting Tuesday 5/26 we will be able to start booking 26F & 26 F 1/2 home fire alarm inspections. We have made some changes to our process. The new process is outlined below:

-To book the appointment you will need to call the Fire Prevention Division at 508-261-7492 or email them at
We will not be accepting walk in applications at this time. No public is allowed at 500 East St without an appointment.

-One of the Fire Prevention Captains will book your appointment and get the information they need.

-We will accept payment by check only at the time of inspection. If you do not have a check in hand at the time of inspection we can not perform the inspection.

-When we arrive for the inspection everyone must have masks or face coverings on and the windows must be open. The Fire Prevention Captain’s reserve the right to ask for people to vacate the premises during the inspections for safety reasons if requested.

-We will not be allowing appointments to be made in person at this time. We are also moving towards a complete online booking system to be announced in the future.

Any questions please contact Captains Fontes or Kelley at 508-261-7492 or

-Commercial questions, plan reviews, and other issues that require an in person appointment can be booked by calling 508-261-7492 or emailing

Thanks for your continued cooperation in trying to keep us and you safe during these trying times.

Guide to Massachusetts Smoke and Carbon Monoxide requirements when selling a One or Two family Residence:

Inspection Schedule & Appointments

Inspections are not done the same day an appointment is made.  Please be sure to allow enough time to get an appointment prior to your closing date.


inspection fees are as follows:

Number of Dwelling UnitsFee
3 to 6$150
7 Plus$500

Checks should be made payable to the Town of Mansfield.


In the event your smoke detectors fail inspection, you must go through the process again, and you may be subject to re-inspection fee.

If you pass inspection you’ll receive a smoke detector certificate which is good for 60 days.