Fire Safety & Prevention

Plan Review & Inspection Fees

The Fire Prevention Office handles all inspections (commercial and residential), tank removals, flammables storage, and all permitting – with the exception of Open Burning Permits – as well as answers code-related questions.

Fee Schedule

The Mansfield Fire Department can not accept cash or credit card payments.

Checks must be made payable to the “Town of Mansfield”

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection (26f)

Number of Dwelling UnitsFee
3 to 6$150
7 Plus$500

Above Ground / Underground Storage Tanks

Volume of Tank (Gallons)Fee
Under 2,500 gallons$25
2,500 gallons or more$200

Residential Plan Review

Number of UnitsFee
1 to 4 Units$50
5 to 6 Units$75
7 to 12 Units$100
13 or more units$150

Commercial / Industrial Plan Review

Area of Property (Square Feet)Fee
1 to 7499$50
7500 to 9999$100
10000 or more$150

All other permit fees are $25.