How to Connect to Town Sewer

  1. Confirm that your property has sewer available in the street. If you are not sure, call the Engineering Department at 508-261-7377.
  2. Contact a Town of Mansfield Registered Drainlayer (current list of Registered Drainlayers available at the Engineering Department) or hire your own contractor, who must become a Town of Mansfield Registered Drainlayer. Registered Drainlayers are licensed by the Town of Mansfield to perform work on sewers, and are bonded and insured to protest the Town and you.
  3. Your Drainlayer will apply for a Sewer Connection Permit. The permit fee is a minimum $100 plus $1 for each foot of sewer pipe over 100 feet. New sewer users must pay an additional sewer connection fee. The fee is based on the size of your water meter. A form from the Water Department showing the size of your water meter must be submitted with your sewer application.
  4. A sketch of the proposed sewer with all applicable fittings, bends and clean-outs is required with the sewer permit application. A valid sewer permit is required before any work is started to install, disconnect, or repair a sewer main or service.
  5. Your Drainlayer must call the Engineering Department for an inspection at least 24 hours in advance.
  6. An as-built plan of the sewer connection must be submitted by the Drainlayer at the time of the inspection.