Town Engineer


The Town Engineering Office responsibilities encompass a wide range of projects involving: the design, permitting, construction review and inspection of the following:

  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Dams
  • Drainage Systems
  • Roads
  • Sewers

Municipal Public Works Projects

In addition, they include the design and field engineering for various Municipal Public Works projects, the monitoring and repairing of the Town’s sewer collection system, and the assessing and improving the Town’s drainage system. The Office also coordinates with consultants, bids and awards contracts in its efforts to successfully complete many projects efficiently and cost effectively.

Obtaining Field Data

The Office has its own Total Station survey equipment and utilizes the Town’s field Geographic Information System (GIS) equipment for obtaining existing infrastructure data. The Office utilizes this field data along with AutoCAD, ArcGIS and various engineering design software for developing drawings for Town projects.

Learn About the Engineering Department

The following information can be picked up at the Engineering Department:

Contact Us

The Engineering Office is available to answer questions on drainage, sewer and other land development issues, in addition to performing technical reviews for site plans and subdivision plans in support of other Town Departments by calling 508-261-7377.