Roadway Construction 2023

Mill & Overlay - 2023

This process involves milling (i.e. removing) the damaged top layer of pavement in order to replace it with new pavement.

Charles Street, Dustin Court, Ephriam Drive, Fulton Street, High Street, West Church Street, Squire Avenue, Villa Street, and a portion of Coach Street at Elm Street.

Full Depth Reclamation - 2023

This process is the complete restoration of the road cross section. The base (layer beneath the pavement) is rebuilt prior to new layers of binder (larger stone mix for strength and durability) and top (smaller stone mix for a smoother surface) pavement being installed. 

Williams and Old Elm Schedule 4.10.23 (Remaining Portions from the 2022 Construction Schedule)

Williams Old Elm Task 2 4.24.23

Williams Task 3 5.11.23

East Street (East Common to Shannon Lane), Mill Street (East Street to Cherry Street), Cherry Street, Brown Avenue & Terrace, and Stearns Avenue (schedule subject to Water Main Replacement Project by the Water Division).

New Drainage Infrastructure Improvements - 2023

East Street (East Common to Shannon Lane), Mill Street (East Street to Cherry Street), Cherry Street, Stearns Avenue (portions of work subject to Water Main Replacement Project), and Brown Terrace.

Road Closure - 2023


Willow Street 13023

Williams Street Road Closed 5.11.23

Previous Season Roadway Work

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  5. 2018 

Calendar Year 2022 Roadwork Schedule

As the Town utilizes contractors for this work, schedules may change. Please check back for any updates or call 508-261-7336.

Overlay - 2022

Bliss Ave, Coral St and Day Ave

Chip Seal - 2022

Marjac Way, Eastbrook Rd, Echo Hill Dr, Necco Rd, Coral St, Day Ave, Bliss Ave, Granada Cir, Nelson Way, Fieldstone Dr, Deerpath Cir, Deerpath Ln, Baybrook Farm Rd, Farm Pond Path, Wagon Wheel Way, Horseshoe Loop, Wildflower Ln, Woodland Way, Kingman Ave, Curtin St, Sturbridge Dr, Weaver Ln, Sadies Way, Mystic Ln, Carlow Xing, Corbane Dr.

Chip Seal Notice 7.13.22

REVISED Chip Seal Notice 7.18.22

Drainage Infrastructure - 2022

Reclamation - 2022

Roadway Repair Chauncy Street Underpass

Roadway Repair Maple Street

Road Closures - 2022

As always, please check back for scheduled times or any changes.