Mosquito Control

The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project is preparing for the start of the adulticiding season. The decision to make pesticide applications are part of an integrated pest management plan and many factors are considered. Mosquito surveillance is the cornerstone of our program and is conducted throughout Bristol County. We use this data along with residential requests, environmental and ecological factors to make pesticide applications.

When does it start?

The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project will begin taking residential larvicide requests to treat standing water on your property beginning April 10, 2023. Residential spray requests for adulticiding begins on Tuesday May 30, 2023. They hope to begin actual applications June 6, 2023, between the hours of 2am and sunrise. Temperatures need to be above 55 degrees during those hours for applications to be made, so delays in June are very common. Mansfield's tentative spray day is Wednesday.

How do I make a request?

Residents from participating towns can call (508) 823-5253, fax (508) 828-1868, or e-mail a spray request to: Please include your last name, address, and zip code. Please note that a request is for one application and not for the whole season. If you need to have an additional application please send another request with the same information.

What pesticide will be used?

Bristol County Mosquito Control will be using Zenivex E4 RTU and Duet, an EPA approved reduced risk adulticide this season. You can find the product label here; Zenivex E4 RTUDuet. The product works very similar to last year’s product and is approved for use in Massachusetts. Bristol County used Zenivex E4 RTU from 2016-2018. Rotation of pesticides is important to prevent resistance in the mosquito populations. 

Where can I find more information?

Residents can find information on their website,, including a tentative spray schedule for which towns are done each day. Also daily, an updated list of street names will be posted for residents to see if there location is on the schedule for the following spray day. All this information is weather dependent and can change if needed due to mosquito populations or virus detections.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bristol County Mosquito Program by calling 508-823-5253.