Regulations for Hunting

No Hunting Areas

At their June 20, 2016 hearing, the Mansfield Conservation Commission voted to revoke hunting at the Sweets Pond Property. Hunting is no longer permitted on this parcel. Please contact the Conservation Department with any questions at 508-851-6455

Discharge Setback Map

The following maps represent the “discharge setback” as defined by state law which prohibits the discharge of any firearm or release of any arrow across or within 150 feet of a “hard-surfaced highway” or the possession of a loaded firearm, discharge of a firearm, or hunting on the land of another within 500 feet of any dwelling or building in use, except as authorized by the owner or occupant thereof.

Not Allowed Hunting - Sweets Pond Conservation Land
No Hunting - Streese Conservation Land
Hunting - Great Woods Conservation Land

Safety Zone

This statute has been around for over 50 years to provide a “safety zone” for the public, landowner, and hunters alike. Please follow all federal, state and local laws while hunting on Conservation land.

Personal Injury or Property Damage Liability

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 21, Section 17C protects landowners from liability for “personal injuries or property damage” when they permit the public to use their land for “recreational, conservation, scientific, educational, environmental, ecological, research, religious, or charitable purposes without imposing a charge or fee…” Landowners are protected by this statute unless they charge a fee for access to their land.

Please refer to MassWildlife Hunting website for all hunting and fishing information.

Hunting Hours

Hunting hours are from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset on each day of open season (see MassWildlife Sunrise-Sunset table) except for:

  • Hunting for rabbit, hare, fox and coyote which closes at midnight.
  • Migratory birds a half hour before sunrise to sunset.
  • Raccoon and opossum hunting.
  • Spring turkey hunting.
  • WMA Regulation 10 which states that no person shall hunt before sunrise or after sunset on any WMA where pheasant or quail are stocked during the pheasant or quail season (October 15 to November 26) except for the hunting of raccoons and opossums between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.