Our Mission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for preserving and protecting the natural resources of the town, and has the authority to acquire and hold land, and can exercise all the powers and duties of Conservation Commissions under the General Laws.


Do You Want to Help Keep Our Trails Safe?_Trail Steward program flyer 100422

The Town of Mansfield’s Conservation Department is looking for volunteers to help with walking our major conservation areas and reporting any issues along the trails. 

The Trail Steward Program will promote the ongoing healthy, safe and passable trails throughout Mansfield

We will be assessing the following trails systems:

_fern_Trail Steward program flyer 100422

  • Sweets Pond- off Otis St.
  • Great Woods-off Oak St.
  • Marie Strese-off Ware St.
  • Corporal Hardy- off Maple St.
  • Taylor’s Hill-off Judy’s Lane
  • Plymouth Street-within Plymouth St Recreation Area
  • Mill Pond-off of East St.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Trail Steward Program webpage

I look forward to working with residents that care about these trails and are willing to help keep Mansfield’s trails safe and enjoyable for all!

Please feel free to email or call 508-651-6454 if you have any questions.